CGI and Compositing

We did three full CG commercials based on the larger one, where most of that commercial was shot in camera. These were a lot of fun, and we had some freedom to invent what was going to happen with the domino effects. We’re happy with the commercials, and hope you’ll enjoy them as well !

Check out some of the shots in the breakdown below:





CGI and Compositing

This was a cool job we worked on a while back. A lot domino effects were shot in camera, and some were CG. Hopefully you’ve seen the commercial and couldn’t tell what was real, and what wasn’t!

Check out some of the shots in the breakdown below:





CGI and compositing

We recently did a commercial involving a lot of CG animated rats. We built the rats completely in 3D, including fur and a deformation rig. We built the rat, rigged and animated in 3dsmax and used hairfarm to create the fur. We used mari for texture and houdini for creating interaction objects like leafs.
There were shots including many rats and interaction between objects. We ended up modelling a lot of the environment to get proper shadows, interaction and animation reference. The 3D rat were quite detailed as it could deform well, had a large amount of fur and tiny hair strains and they are even able to blink their eyes. A lot of compositing also went down in these shots. For one, we roto’ed in many pigeons in different shots and comped them to match the plate. We feel happy with this production and its cool to see how much detail we could put into these rats!

Check out the breakdown below:





CGI, Matte paint and compositing

This was a christmas TV production in 24 episodes, which aired december 2012.
We were asked to create 5 different matte painting shots. Some of them had to be set to daytime, nighttime, summer and winter.
The time was limited and we created a few matte paint concepts to be approved for further matte paint development. This was a standard matte paint approach. We created a bunch of layers to be set in a 3d scene to create a camera moves. Then we added waterfalls in CG, simulated banners, smoke, 3D birds and other atmospheric effects.

Check out some of the shots in breakdown below:





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What better way to launch this site than with a brand new VFX REEL!

We had a blast creating the vast array of cool shots for this reel in the past year and up until now.

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CGI and compositing

We recently did a lot of CG leca blocks for a commercial. The blocks were all built in 3D and rendered with displacement maps, so there’s a lot of details in each block. We matched the CG blocks to the plates and rendered with proper lighting by using HDR images from set as an addition to the lighting setup. We also did some projection painting later on to match the ground edges better to the plates. There were also an extensive amount of compositing being done for this job.

Watch the breakdown of the commercial below:





CGI and compositing

We created this whole neighborhood in 3D. Everything except the actors and the base model of the house. Even all the trees and bushes in this shot is fully CG trees with dynamics.
We collaborated with the client early in the conceptual stage to define how we should shoot the actors and match them into our CG environment. On this production as many others we used live key on set to match the camera angle and lighting.


CGI, matte paint, compositing

Last year the biggest project for us was the feature film Journey to the christmas star. On the film we had 103 shots to complete. We had onset and in house VFX supervision. The tasks were many, forexample creating 3D ravens, animals, particle fluids, matte painting, set extensions and a lot of compositing. It was a great project to work on and we got to utilise shotgun for handling the large amount of shots.

Check out some of the shots we made on the feature in this breakdown:



CGI and compositing

This winter we did a commercial for Stabburet. We sat down with our client and decided to do the environments in CG because of the childrens scale in this universe. No doubt it would be difficult to build this entire kitchen in real life, considering the odd scale of structures and object. We feel the decision to do this environment in CG was the best way to go, and the result came out looking good aswell.
There were a lot of challenges with achieving the right light, perspective and angles on this project. The thing we did to make this workflow go smooth was to use live key on set and match the perspective to a 3D scene we made.
We started out with some conceptual art on how the kitchen was going to look, as well as creating storyboards. There was a lot of models going down in this scene, and a lot of look development. There were also an extensive amount of compositing being done for this job.
We feel happy and proud of the job we did and we think the commercial turned out great!

Everything you see except the actors and the closeups of food was made in CG. Including the packshot which is 100 % CG. Another fun fact, the trees we see out the window are also CG.

Watch the breakdown of the commercial below:



CGI and compositing

We were approached by some danish filmmakers to create a couple of CG whale shots for their documentary film. We started of by receiving a base model of the whale and did some tweaks to it as well as creating a whale, stripped of its skin and flesh. We created some underwater shots with the environment and atmosphere, as well some other shots, including a fishing boat with people on it. We dressed up Jostein, Morten, Ivar and Torgeir to play as the actors on the boat and shot some plates in our studio.

Watch some of the shots below including breakdowns: